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Sitting in one of the banks of British Library a 26-year-old lady greets me with a huge smile, accompanied by her black case and her laptop invites me to discover an incredible world, daydreaming to make things come true.

Her name means peace and that is reflected at every step. Supal Desai is a complete business woman who knows to combine the gas industry with fashion through effort and desire to learn more about both worlds. It takes less than five minutes chatting with her to discover the true meaning of charisma that she show us in chevrons & éclairs blog and Consultancy.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your career?

I am a geopolitical strategist focusing on the oil and gas industry in the Middle East and Central Asia. Basically, I aim to help major companies enter those markets and give them advice on the political and economic situation.

How does a business woman that works in something as serious as the gas industry is, decide to starts a fashion blog?

In geopolitics what I studied was very structured. You need to understand the business of oil, who buys and who distributes the oil. Now fashion is about the same thing. So you try to help desSupal Desaiigners who are new in the fashion industry. They make products for the global market and so what I learn in the fashion industry is how to connect those materials, the people who produce them and the designers…there is nobody between.

There are a lot of young designers who study design but they haven´t learn about business. They have beautiful products but they don´t know take them to the next level. That I learned in the oil business can be directly apply to the fashion industry, quite easily.

Are you also working for an oil company?

Yes, during the day.

How is a day in Supal´s life?

Let me start from the beginning (smiling): I wake up at 5 o´clock in the morning and I drink coffee and then I start sending emails to my fashion clients. After that I get ready for my work in the gas industry.

Supal Desai

In the afternoon I go to places like the British Library or somewhere that gives me inspiration, and I do my fashion clients work. In the evening I turn off my computer at 10.30 and I usually read a book or Skype with a friend, something that relax me. And I go to sleep at 12 o´clock.Supal Desai

I always do meetings on Tuesdays , Wednesdays and Thursdays, but never do them on Mondays or Fridays, because I like to meet up with other bloggers, something that inspire me.

How is your blog´s work?

I only work on my blog on weekends and I post twice a week. On Monday and Thursday I work on the blog with my team. They work in the social media during the week and then we work in projects during the weekends.

Its really depends but we try to have as much structure as posible and we usually have a editorial calendar that is planned three months in advance; all content is done one month in advance.

I try to be a structure woman. My dad is my business advisor, so he keeps me on it.

Supal Desai

How do you balance business and pleasure?

I think I´m still learning that. I have just started my business, so I´m improving myself and being focused as much as possible.

When I get to the for a weekend I give myself one full day of work on my blog, but also all my personal time doing things for my own business, so business and pleasure can be together.

Gas industry & fashion: What is the best of this mix?

It´s satisfying, because I´m able to do all that I want to do. It is my job but It is my hobby as well. I know that in the future I have to choose one (laugh) but now I´m more than happy.

Which one will you choose?

….I have no idea, I don´t know yet.

Is your blog a portfolio or a hobby?

I´d like to say that It is a diary. It is a collection of my day.

It is a mix of my style, things that inspire me and what I like to do every day

Supal Desai

How do you contact with the designer that you work with?

I haven´t contact any designers yet, only designers contact to me. They usually contact my by email first or they approach me at an event.

We usually get a first meeting just to know what are their ideas, what they want to do, etc. I try to put all that they want. Then I send them the proposal with the budget and then, If they accept it we go for it.

Where your clients come from?

All over the world

Can you tell me the name of your clients?

I can only share the name of one, her name is Beatrix Taylor. She is launching her made to measure womenswear line, call Bea´s list. We are helping her with everything: marketing, branding, social media, etc. And also we do brand consulting for the products, we need to check that the designer is able to do it and work with her in the factory to create some products.

In your blog you say us that you worked with Harrods and Estée Lauder, What kind of job have you done with them?

For Harrods I did concept window design for the Christmas windows and I did that for 2013 and 2014. And I worked with Estée Lauder for the perfume Modern Muse, they had a big campaign in America and they approach to me to introduce the campaign in India, so I was in a billboard in Mumbai (laugh). My uncle was seeing me every day.

On balance, what is your job´s dream?

I have no idea, I need to see how my own business, I launched on March 2015, but officially began in November. Within a few months we will sit down and see where the company is going.

Supal Desai

Follow your dreams


This is a piece of my work in Saint Martins, I hope you like it because for me it was amazing.

Many thanks to Supal Desai, all my best wishes in your next stop that for sure it will be a good thing

Photos: chevrons & éclairs


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