How do I know my bra size?

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We have seen for a few seasons how lingerie gets into ready to wear and how brands are using this trend more often completing outfits with underwear. Bras on top of t-shirts, lace that appears from the corner of the blouse and the ubiquitous bodysuit. Those are pieces that became a must in every single wardrobe. A lot of women are interested in this new way to wear underwear, but we are missing something really important for all of us: our bra size.

Almost 80% of women think they have been wearing the correct bra size all their life until they get measured and they find out it was completely wrong. To know which size fits you perfectly, all you need is a tape and do the following:

  1. Measure the rib cage right under the bust and round your number to the nearest whole number measure
  2. Loosely measure the area around the fullest part of the bust
  3. The difference between both measures equals your cup measurement!

You can see an example of how to find your exact measurement in this illustration. I also put the equivalence with European sizes for the ones who are not living in the UK.


The size always varies according to the brand you’re wearing, but if you go to a brand where they don’t have your exact size, you can always go for the equivalence. Let’s say for instance you are a 32D but a specific brand doesn’t make a D cup, in that case it may change to a 34C; so you are going up in the size and going down in the cup.



Tips to choose the perfect bra

To choose the perfect bra, we have to consider 2 key elements: straps and the centre front. A lot of people think that the support comes from the straps, but they only give 20% support, it’s the centre front that really makes the job.

Things to always bear in mind in the fitting room:

  • The bra yoke has to adhere perfectly to your body and the bra underwires positioned correctly, right under the bust;
  • The back should be fastened in the last position of the hook, so it can be tightened if the bra loses the elasticity: you should be able to put a finger between the body and the bra band;
  • Straps: they have to be adjusted but not dug into the shoulders
  • The lower edge of the bra brand should stay bellow the shoulder blades


Bra Styles

There are so many styles in terms of a bra, I’m just going to show you the basics so you can have an idea. There are three main groups: padded cup, soft cup or underwired and non-wired, and within those groups, there are tonnes of combinations around.

Bra typesThe best way to make the right selection of a bra is by trying them on, you have to see how you feel!


Trendy Tip

Add a Bralette in your lingerie collection (it can be non-wired or wired if your breast is quite generous)


Bras: Asos, For Love & Lemons, Heidi Klum, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 & La Perla



So now you know, show your lingerie baby!

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